International Patient Program in Egypt.

Our Medical Tourism unit “IPP” at Egypt in touch, has the goal to enable people from all over the   world to take advantage of the outstanding medical care available in Egypt with highly affordable prices and without waiting time.
Through our comprehensive medical tourism services, we strive to make every aspect of your trip to Egypt as comfortable, safe and rewarding as possible.

Featured Medical Treatment Packages in Egypt

Restylane filler session

Do not forget to fill your small imperfections during your stay in Egypt with high quality Restylane Filler Package for Lips, Cheeks and Marionette lines
350 euro / syringe, any additional syringe 200 Euro.  

Dental Implant

Restore your lost teeth with fixed implants that last for life.
Starts from 750 Euro
The package includes: the implant with free teeth extraction. 

Hair transplant

Hair Transplant 

The package includes: Examination, the operation, hospital fees, medication, after care treatment and 4 PRP sessions.
1700 Euro

Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) 

2500 Euro 
The package includes: one night hospital stay, doctor fees and postoperative follow up. 

e.max Crown

E-Max Crown 

Reconstruct decayed teeth with 3D crowns that give a natural and healthy appearance.
300 Euro with free cleaning and polishing. 

Hip replacement

Total hip replacement

 Starts from 5100 Euro.
The package includes: the operation, 1 day in the ICU and 4 days in normal room.

Why Choose Egypt?

and why you have to consider Egypt In-Touch as your personal advisor and local assistance. 


Very close destination. 

Egypt is a country located midway between Africa, Europe and Asia which makes it a favorable touristic destination for many countries. Starting from 2 to 6 hours via a direct flight you will be here. In addition Egypt is multicultural, touristic attractive and has easy VISA procedures for many nationalities.   


High quality, Fast access. 

For the last decade a lot of premium medical facilities have been established and are working now. In addition, many medical investments are on the way. Most hospitals are now JCI and Temos accredited and know how to deal with patients from different nationalities. Furthermore, there are no waiting list and easy access.


Affordable price

Considering the exchange rate of the local currency against Euro, USD and GBP, underlines the fact of having non-comparable prices and makes Egypt a first choice destination especially when you consider the low cost and short trip to your destination in Egypt. 

We deal with each client on a personal, individual basis, assisting with transport, nursing, pre- and post-operational care, and everything in-between, including a bit of fun, sun, and relaxation following the procedure. After all, studies have shown that recuperating in a beautiful environment promotes healing – what better environment can one ask forو than Egypt with its wonderful weather and beautiful sea in Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, Cairo and Alexandria?!!

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